Traditional chinese medicine for meniscus tear

Despite what you may or may not have been told by your doctor, specialist or read about in the media, meniscus tear is NOT an Incurable disease for most sufferers,and it can be completely recovery by traditional chinese medicine treatment.

Do you suffer with meniscus tear ?Are you experiencing any of the following problems ?

  • Swelling of the knee joint.
  • Moderate pain,especially pain heavily when swelling.
  • Weakness of the knee joint,the symptom is difficult in straighting out and lifting the knee.
  • Have discordance on range of motion,the symptom is unable bend or straight the leg completely,and get knee locking now and then easily.
  • There is “poping” sound when get injury,and there is “click” sound when unbend and bend the knee joint,which is the most common meniscus tear symptom.

Thousands of meniscus tear sufferers just like you use this little known traditional chinese medicine remedy everyday to lead a normal pain free life.

  • You don’t have to live with meniscus tear anymore.
  • You don’t have to take pill after pill just to get through the day.

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  • I used this product and fell in love with it its the best product l have ever used. I let others use it and they also love it. You put it on and you can feel the warmth of the band going all through you. My knee meniscus injuries heal well and perfect amazingly.This is the best product l recommend this to all my friends.

Can meniscus tear heal itself without surgery ?

The question about meniscus tear nonsurgical treatment and surgery treatment

I was identified of medial meniscus tear days ago, because it is a small tear on the outer edge of menisci, my doctor recommended me conservative treatment , but one another doctor suggested have a arthroscopic surgery ,I am very hesitant and don’t know what to do next,can meniscus tear heal itself without arthroscopic surgery ? do you all have any good suggestions ?Please tell me i would greatly appreciate it a lot.

meniscus tear and knee joint

meniscus tear and knee joint

The best answer for meniscus tear nonsurgical treatment and surgery treatment

  1. I read your above symptoms, and feel is affected by the trauma, but it is not specific enough, such as injury time, your age and so on.
  2. If you are young, I advise you not to have a surgery, the meniscus level 1 and level 2 degree signal would better not have a surgery, mainly due to  your injury history, how about your right hip flexor stretch, if the degree up to 90 degrees, there is no need to have a meniscus tear surgery.
  3. What about your walk condition, whether there is a knee locking when walking, and is the knee locking frequent ? Knee locking prevents the knee joint from either fully straightening or fully bending, if you don’t have knee locking symptom, or take a few stops or several months or even several years did not have this kind of phenomenon, it is not need have the arthroscopic surgery.
  4. If you just torn meniscus,it belongs to the acute phase, get more rest,keep the knee joint warm,use the hot towel on the knee before go to sleeping.To avoid weight-bearing and strenuous exercise,If crouch difficult not to mandatory squat,because of mandatory squat will aggravate your meniscal tear symptoms, the human body in the squat legs bear 3 to 6 times of  the original body weight.

General speaking, meniscus injury level three may consider the meniscus tear arthroscopic surgery, for level one and two are in the conservative treatment range.The meniscus can heal itself without surgery,for the tear not more than 2cm length,and tear in the rich blood supply area,the injury much more have a easy rehabilitation.

Meniscus tear traditional Chinese medicine can increase the function of knee joints,which helps pass through the blood circulation from skin,and heal the meniscus itself completely without surgery.

How to heal a meniscus tear

Wang Shi plaster has a history of more than three hundred years,which produced  by old Chinese medicine family,and it can heal the meniscus tear naturally without surgery.

Wang Shi plaster is awesome. the knee has good effect in 24 hours for just one stick,I’ve been using it since the sports injuries . I place it on the area of injury and feel it penetrate the skin with soothing relief. I don’t know if it speeds recovery. It feels like it stimulates circulation. What I can say for sure is that it helps to relieve pain and muscles tightness,and I keep up for ten sticks,it is amazing that I can walk and run as normal,it is one of the best medicine for heal a meniscus tear.

chinese herbal medicine for meniscal

One meniscus tears suffer says : This is the best medicine I ever use for meniscal, it removal my pain and heal the meniscus, and I never have knee joint locking since the amazing treatment, the chinese medicine is much more than i expected, I will introduce it to my friends that trouble in meniscus problems.

About my meniscus tear treatment and remedy experience

Now, I can easily dribbling and put the ball into the basket,this maybe simple for you,But not for me,I am just recovery from a  meniscus tear injury,after less than one month of traditional chinese medicine treatment (just attaching on the knee pain place), I can return to my favorite basketball court again.

traditional chinese medicine

Traditional chinese medicine meniscus tear treatment

Wang Shi plaster is awesome,actually,I can walking and slowly running as normal after 2 days treatment and rehabilitation,I place it on the area of injury and feel it penetrate the skin with soothing relief. I don’t know if it speeds recovery. It feels like it stimulates circulation. What I can say for sure is that it helps to relieve pain and muscles tightness,but in case of repeat injury and get my cartilage rebuilding completely, I took a course of treatment  incessantly to get the meniscus repair. Now I will share with you my meniscus tear treatment experience.

Seven months ago,I played basketball with my friends, I was dribbling and want to dunk, Perfect opportunity,there was a defensive hole,so I was dribbling and Rushed to the basket, Opposing players ran at me in the same time,but there was only basket in my mind, I jumped up and ready to dunk … “pop”,I heard this terrible sound from my right leg knee joint in the air, then my right leg lost consciousness, landing down with left foot and the hip, Sat on the basketball court ,my right knee joint got locked and felt stiffness.My friends took me to the hospital quickly,after a X-ray inspection,there was no any problems of my right knee.But the knee joint began swelling and sore badly,even though unlocked the knee joint,my right leg only movement in small range,the doctor suggested me have a magnetic resonance imaging (also be called MRI).

My meniscus tear treatment experience

We went to the hospital for the MRI inspection result next day,this was a very bad result: Right knee joint effusion,grade 2 anterior horn medial meniscus tear.The doctor suggested me have a meniscus tear surgery.But considering the sequela after the surgery,and the surgical fee was very expensive for me,I chose conservative meniscus tear treatment.

First I search the best meniscus tear remedy tips on the internet,it needed to eliminate swelling and rebuilding cartilage,for a new injury,it is important to rebuilding cartilage as soon as possible,then I bought pills and caplets,one of the functions is lubricating joints,which can heal the knee joint stiffness for me,but the pills can not rebuilding cartilage.Until I find wang shi and it can rebuilding cartilage especially the meniscus,with relief the pain of knee joint, it is the most effective plaster I ever use.This is my mainly meniscus tear treatment experience,it needs time for cartilage rebuilding,just keep on incessantly for a course of treatment.

Traditional chinese medicine for meniscus tear

Meniscus tear non surgical treatment solution

The meniscus is one of the most vulnerable part of our body, especially may get injury when in the fierce campaign,which the most prone to meniscus tear,Sometimes we can’t identify meniscal tear,what is worse, some people think it should be have a meniscectomy,however,is there any meniscus tear non surgical treatment solution for the meniscus injuries ?

The specialists on the meniscus in the biomechanical function and carry on a lot of research, more and more aware of the importance of meniscal biomechanical function, that it is so simply for the damage meniscectomy, and it should better repair meniscus, but as a result of the meniscus itself without blood, only in the peripheral blood circulation,  only the edge of the tear meniscus injury after long time cultivation may heal. No blood supply to the zone of injury of meniscus repair after healing is not easy, this is one of the difficult problems for the orthopedic community, the specialist also made a lot of studies on.For the meniscus that blood can not reach , it better can use traditional chinese medicine permeation method of repair the meniscus.

Meniscus regeneration and non surgical treatment

compared with operation treatment or arthroscopic surgery , meniscal regeneration is a more ideal therapy . Begin from nineteen-eighty, as the knee meniscus injury replacement therapy, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other advanced countries as the center, to popularize the use of natural blue shark cartilage powder therapy. Because meniscal regeneration, is the treatment of meniscus injury with suboptimal method. Pure natural Prionace glauca ( i.e., Prionace glauca ) cartilage powder can achieve human cartilage regeneration, from inside the complete realization of meniscal regeneration, has become the advanced state of the new attempt, has in the world have been gradually extended to the clinical. But the therapy selection difficulty, technology demand is high, the price is relatively expensive, it gained widespread popularity as a barrier.which is bad for heal a torn meniscus naturally.

Are you looking for a good surprise meniscus tear non surgical treatment, the traditional chinese medicine for meniscus tear will repair your meniscus forever.

Physical therapy for knee pain

Do you suffer knee pain problem ?and wishing for treatment solution for knee pain, pain free and rub out the pain forever, now here is a excellent physical therapy help you end the knee pain, which can break the rely on expensive medical pills and the side effect from medical therapy.

The physical therapy guide can help you relief the pain and improve movement motion of the knee joint, moreover, which can strengthen, increasing the balance and stability of the knee. In this guide program, you can learn the step by step course, as the success experienced physical therapist, who instructs you eliminate knee pain and recovery as normal for your life.

The knee is the main body weight bearing joint, and also one of the most injury parts of the osteoarthritis. Knee osteoarthritis secondary to the most common in other reasons, that is based on the knee joint degenerative diseases occur. The most common etiology is trauma, such as primary meniscal tear injury, articular cartilage damage, femoral fracture, or tibial below the top of patella fracture, etc. Second for exceptional load, such as body heritability of the knee joint were inside and outside line caused cubitus varus, or excessive weight increase, etc. Other such as intra-articular free body, joint infection, exfoliative dermatitis osteochondral infection such as also can cause secondary bone and cartilage inflammation.

knee pain therapy

Knee osteoarthritis of the knee, the most common symptoms of pain. When the initial performance for blunt painful, gradually increase after. Especially in weight or pain when fluctuation stair, and the ground walk and no pain, pain symptoms immediate relief after the break. Later can appear when the ground up and down the stairs and go all pain, even when the rest of sustainable pain also. Some patients may display to rest joint pain, say again “resting pain”, that is, the joints to maintain a place too long, or in the morning rises just stand there walking pain, joint stiffness feeling, a little pain relief after activities instead, but too much activity or weight and pain, the reason there may be due to the backflow of articular cartilage obstacles, after local congestion caused by pressure increases. In addition, osteoarthritis also can appear joint swelling, flex campaign is limited, joint deformities, walk on the swing.which can compare with meniscus tear symptoms.

What cause knee pain of women

Even though women are weak, but there is a lot of tender disease still trouble them. Also recently heard many women friends complaint about the knee pain problem, then what are the cause of the knee pain ? Is it meniscus tear or knee osteoarthritis.

The cause of knee pain of women

The experts point out that: the knee arthritis may cause the knee pain, because of as the largest and the most complicated structure joints of human body, which Bear most of the weight of the body.However, the adipose content is at least of knee joint, the most vulnerable to stimulate the parts in the cold. If love is always to women, extremely easy manner ignore the temperature form at present, a lot of old people in the knee osteoarthritis that is suffering.

Knee osteoarthritis is a cause of disability culprit, as the main reason some patients had to change artificial knee through surgery. Incidence rate and increased with age, the onset of the women and the men and women ratio for 6-4, the age of onset earlier than men.

There is also other causes that result in knee pain,like cartilage damage and meniscus tear,which may be treated with cartilage rebuilding or physical therapy.

Warm tips: the prevention of knee osteoarthritis, should protect the knee joint from young, especially for women. Women easily get knee pain, so in daily life to protect the knee.

Do not fear or nervous when knee pain symptoms appears, as long as more attention, timely diagnosis and treatment, health or will return to our side ! If you have other questions need to consult and solution that recovery from knee pain causes, please refer other posts about stop knee pain treatment tips.

Arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery time

My arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery problem

It is a nightmare for me,but I can get over it.I got my meniscus tear badly.So half month ago,I had arthroscopic surgery treatment,and removed partial meniscus and synovial,because of the synovial knit wall syndrome,so the synovial got resection.But now the symptoms is same with before the surgery,I can walk,but can not up and down stairs,my doctor told me to straight leg raises for 350 times every day,but he didn’t suggest me to have the knee joint bend exercise, is it will knee joint adhesion.I want to ask,how long my arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery time ?When can I up and down stairs normally ?What is the exercise method during the recovery time ?

Meniscus tear surgery recovery time and method

arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery

arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery

As a very common injury of the knee joint,we need to treat meniscus tear according the different injury grades,it is a good help on the base of the recovery therapist’ rehabilitation program,the rehabilitation program is consisted of exercise in home and the physical therapy,which can benefit for the knee joint flexibility and power, Your doctor telling you to do straight leg raises for 350 times every day,the main purpose is to practice the quadriceps muscles, it is the commonly used exercise method during the arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery time,the knee joint will not adhesion without bend and unbend exercise,but it is necessary to have fully exercise flexion,which also can good for leg strengthen function, you can to do the straight leg raises training at the same time doing knee joint exercise,which can restore range of motion of the knee joint, strength the balance and endurance of the leg meniscus,but the premise is not tired for degrees, or otherwise it will have adverse effect. It probably need 5-7 weeks to recovery fully,the meniscus tear recovery time is depending on many more factors,such as age and the injury tear type.After the wound heal,take the doctor’recovery exercise,while keep on and follow the therapist recovery program.In addition, if the knee joint postoperative pain and influenced your knee to do joint exercise,you can ask the doctor injection sodium hyaluronate in the knee joint,it can obviously relief knee pain symptoms and lubrication joint.

Lateral meniscus tear repair

click for the successful >> meniscus tear treatment and recovery experience !<<

My daughter is 14 years old, who is currently studying at a university affiliated middle school,her major is professional dancing, on September 19th,her injury herself when exercising,and her left leg first touchdown,with the right leg is lifted up,somehow has been injured,bones no injuries after X-ray checking. But the left knee joint swelling next day,with paining severely,then on September 21th,take her to have meniscus tear mri checking.

And the result of magnetic resonance image which see: left knee joint bone complete structure,knee joint tissue no problem, joint lumen and fair summation of the capsule visible releases long t1 long t2 signals, left knee joint lateral joint meniscus increased anterior horn see linear signal of shadow,nearly to articular surface,the left knee joint,front cruciate ligament form signal did not see abnormalities.Lateral ligamentous saw no abnormalities.

The diagnosis opinion: 1, diagnostic left knee joint of the lateral meniscus tear, please combined with anterior horn clinical history. 2, left knee joint in releases effusion.

Once treatment and effect:
On September 22th morning, on the same day felt twinge.Injection closed on September 25th, most of the knee joint swelling went down.September 23th has not feel pain,the leg can unbend (not feel pain),but no more than 90 degrees to bend,can direct straight SLR training.

Because of the little girl was engaged in professional dancing major,the future may be affected if meniscus injured,thank you,we are very anxious.

Please try your daughter put the hands on her knees,hearing whether or not there is “click” sounds when you stretch and bent the shank, if it ringing you should take special  attention!And up and down the stair have suddenly it seems can’t move a muscle joints,as same as stuck. Have the circumstance in this you must check and treatment,perfunctory as if painful nothing, but when it would have been recurrence.General not serious need sanatorium can good, if meniscal damage will be have a meniscus tear arthroscopic surgery,the surgery was performed with mending and resection, and several other classes, surgery under the arthroscope, the wound is small hemorrhage also rarely, general hospital in bigger didn’t have that condition.General 3 months after surgery you can resume that hand preoperative!Surgery more exercise is ok! You want in a little use!I am also meniscus tear done after Angle, recovery operation is good!Previous conservative treatment, no movement is no matter what says sports pain, no effect, then surgery, doctors say there is home illness aggravating,if so you should have early surgery,for your daughter, the lateral meniscus tear,she can has conservative treatment at first,it needs time to observe,then decide what to do next according the situation of these days.

Treatment for torn meniscus

The question for torn meniscus treatment

I got my meniscus injury when playing basketball one year ago, during this year I go to see doctor many times,even though feeling better after visiting, because there is no much wrong in my normal activities, so I continue to play basketball, but hurting my meniscus several times. Recently after checked in the hospital, the doctor said it might meniscal tear,and the tear may be need a surgery,he also said that the effect of arthroscopy surgery is very good, and benefit for torn meniscus recovery.But when I ask it from other doctor (he is my dad’s classmate), he said arthroscopy surgery is not so good, so I should not have a surgery.

Now I am feel very vexed,as if the meniscus really damaged,should I have arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear,and how long can I recovery after the surgery?I am living in NewYork, could you tell me which hospital or doctors is better in Newyork?

The answer for torn meniscus treatment

1. Because the blood supply ability of meniscus is very poor, so it is difficult to heal once torn meniscus.

2. The main symptom of meniscus tear is pain, when there is the knee locking,the pain is more apparent when stuck. Also with the ring sound, along with crack sounds in the knee joint. Meniscal tear is not terrible,the painful just can be endure, the key for it will accelerate joint degeneration,which can make your earlier than normal suffering from arthritis.

3. As a result,for a badly torn meniscus,it better for a early surgery treatment, arthroscopic surgery is the right way, and the pain is less,with minimally invasive.General is arthroscopic meniscus resection,total resection or subtotal resection, the right meniscus tear can also sutures.

4. if the meniscus be cut off, missing a structure on the joint will certainly have influence, but you should to know, if you don’t make it out, even though there is conservation treatment success,attention for more bad influence.So now, if sure is torn meniscus surgery for it as soon as possible.

5. I’m not the NewYork resident, so I can not tell you that the doctor is good, but generally speaking your local superlative hospital,preparing for this kind of surgery treatment is a piece of cake.

When the meniscal injury,the knee joint symptom is swelling, pain and restricted of movement in the serious time,medial joint space have tenderness,the serious suffer couldn’t walk. Stay after acute period,there is long-term knee pain and cain injury,feel uneasy when up and downstairs,the pain limbs weakness,  knee instability during walking, especially go down from a hill. When you walk may cause walk to fall when the knee flexion happen suddenly can’t  move,which also called “lock” phenomenon. After the activity to “unlock slowly,” “unlock” and activities again. Some patients have a small amount of effusion joints.When bend and unbend repeatedly, can see the knee flexion with swinging and hear the calf ringing noise .

Treatment for torn meniscus: for the meniscal injury early, the pain limb should have rest with raise, apply traditional chinese medicine scattered eliminate swelling and pain there. Have a active as soon as possible after the symptom is reduced,take more light activities, exercise the quadriceps.