Red, Blue and Green Diamond

Red and pink diamonds red diamond is the most expensive color in the fancy diamonds, small pink diamond with low clarity, if it’s fancy intense degree, one carat assess up to 400 thousand dollars. Red diamond is different with yellow diamond, there are no other causes from outside, such as nitrogen, but itself in the Continue Reading

Fancy diamonds

Fancy color diamond is the diamond with different colors, the value of fancy diamond is much more expensive than colorless diamond, because of the colorful gem is very beautiful and extremely rare in the world. As one of the famous gem associations, GIA established the 4 Cs standards: Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat. Appraisal institutions Continue Reading

Advantages and Disadvantages of James Allen Diamond Ring

Looking at this logically, James Allen has a savvy plan of action by helping clients of James Allen diamond ring make the most ideal buy. Everybody wins in this situation. On the off chance that the client is fulfilled by the buy, the online store lessens the likelihood of having their jewels returned and all Continue Reading

Leibish & Company Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire is one kind of corundum gems, the color of sapphire can be blue, pink, yellow, green, white, even has a variety of colors in one gemstone, as we all known, sapphire is the symbol of loyalty and kindness, so sapphire jewelry is very popular in the world. What is the color that can give Continue Reading

Leibish & Co Diamond Review – Leibish Polnauer Fancy Diamonds

Leibish company was founded in 1979, the head office of Leibish & Co. is locate in Israel diamond exchange, Leibish is also has branch offices in Belgium, Calabasas, Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Mumbai, Beijing, etc. As the leading company of fancy color diamonds in the world, Leibish can customize color diamond jewelry as customer’s Continue Reading

Gemvara review – gemvara customize band jewelry customer reviews

gemvara customize ring jewelry customer reviews Renaissance Band This wide band ring draws inspiration from the intricate stonework of Renaissance cathedrals. The band narrows in back to make it comfortable enough to wear everyday. This ring is what my husband and I picked out for my wedding band. I have the palladium with white sapphire Continue Reading

Gemvara coupon code www gemvara com jewelry coupons

Gemvara coupon code The Guarantee : 100% risk free, 101 days money back and 100% satisfaction guarantee, no question asked. One year warranty and free shipping, personal shoppers from gemvara inc can help you with the creation of your one perfect piece and answer your gem and jewelry questions any time freely. Scam or legit: It Continue Reading

Fashion diamond ring

Thus diamond ring is traditional as well as elegant. No other diamond jewellery is as celebrated as a diamond ring in a person’s life. The famous diamond ring is the three stones diamond ring. When it comes to relate the past, present and future then three stones diamond ring is the adequate choice for an Continue Reading

Turquoise: December Birthstone

A piece of jewelry is indeed an asset. Turquoise is considered to be birthstone of December, possession of any Turquoise jewelry is considered to bring luck and happiness. Now whether it causes luck or not, that is something subjected to arguments, but it adds a unique unparalleled appeal to its wearer, and there is indeed Continue Reading

Advantages of Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry adds the sense of safety and security, the women can wear it freely, without having any fear of burglars or robbers. Since wedding jewelry is not meant to be worn every day, this is time to go for something else, try something new. Possessing a piece of custom jewelry is advantageous and profitable, Continue Reading

The Emerald – May Birthstone

Emerald is known as the birthstone of  May. The person who is the owner of emerald is believed to bestow with the power of foresight, youth and good fortune. The emerald is a rebirth symbol. Smaragdus is a word from which the word emerald has been derived. The meaning of smaragdus is green in Greek. Continue Reading