About my meniscus tear treatment and remedy experience

Now, I can easily dribbling and put the ball into the basket,this maybe simple for you,But not for me,I am just recovery from a  meniscus tear injury,after less than one month of traditional chinese medicine treatment (just attaching on the knee pain place), I can return to my favorite basketball court again.

traditional chinese medicine

Traditional chinese medicine meniscus tear treatment

Wang Shi plaster is awesome,actually,I can walking and slowly running as normal after 2 days treatment and rehabilitation,I place it on the area of injury and feel it penetrate the skin with soothing relief. I don’t know if it speeds recovery. It feels like it stimulates circulation. What I can say for sure is that it helps to relieve pain and muscles tightness,but in case of repeat injury and get my cartilage rebuilding completely, I took a course of treatment  incessantly to get the meniscus repair. Now I will share with you my meniscus tear treatment experience.

Seven months ago,I played basketball with my friends, I was dribbling and want to dunk, Perfect opportunity,there was a defensive hole,so I was dribbling and Rushed to the basket, Opposing players ran at me in the same time,but there was only basket in my mind, I jumped up and ready to dunk … “pop”,I heard this terrible sound from my right leg knee joint in the air, then my right leg lost consciousness, landing down with left foot and the hip, Sat on the basketball court ,my right knee joint got locked and felt stiffness.My friends took me to the hospital quickly,after a X-ray inspection,there was no any problems of my right knee.But the knee joint began swelling and sore badly,even though unlocked the knee joint,my right leg only movement in small range,the doctor suggested me have a magnetic resonance imaging (also be called MRI).

My meniscus tear treatment experience

We went to the hospital for the MRI inspection result next day,this was a very bad result: Right knee joint effusion,grade 2 anterior horn medial meniscus tear.The doctor suggested me have a meniscus tear surgery.But considering the sequela after the surgery,and the surgical fee was very expensive for me,I chose conservative meniscus tear treatment.

First I search the best meniscus tear remedy tips on the internet,it needed to eliminate swelling and rebuilding cartilage,for a new injury,it is important to rebuilding cartilage as soon as possible,then I bought pills and caplets,one of the functions is lubricating joints,which can heal the knee joint stiffness for me,but the pills can not rebuilding cartilage.Until I find wang shi and it can rebuilding cartilage especially the meniscus,with relief the pain of knee joint, it is the most effective plaster I ever use.This is my mainly meniscus tear treatment experience,it needs time for cartilage rebuilding,just keep on incessantly for a course of treatment.

Traditional chinese medicine for meniscus tear