Arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery time

My arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery problem

It is a nightmare for me,but I can get over it.I got my meniscus tear badly.So half month ago,I had arthroscopic surgery treatment,and removed partial meniscus and synovial,because of the synovial knit wall syndrome,so the synovial got resection.But now the symptoms is same with before the surgery,I can walk,but can not up and down stairs,my doctor told me to straight leg raises for 350 times every day,but he didn’t suggest me to have the knee joint bend exercise, is it will knee joint adhesion.I want to ask,how long my arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery time ?When can I up and down stairs normally ?What is the exercise method during the recovery time ?

Meniscus tear surgery recovery time and method

arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery

arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery

As a very common injury of the knee joint,we need to treat meniscus tear according the different injury grades,it is a good help on the base of the recovery therapist’ rehabilitation program,the rehabilitation program is consisted of exercise in home and the physical therapy,which can benefit for the knee joint flexibility and power, Your doctor telling you to do straight leg raises for 350 times every day,the main purpose is to practice the quadriceps muscles, it is the commonly used exercise method during the arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery time,the knee joint will not adhesion without bend and unbend exercise,but it is necessary to have fully exercise flexion,which also can good for leg strengthen function, you can to do the straight leg raises training at the same time doing knee joint exercise,which can restore range of motion of the knee joint, strength the balance and endurance of the leg meniscus,but the premise is not tired for degrees, or otherwise it will have adverse effect. It probably need 5-7 weeks to recovery fully,the meniscus tear recovery time is depending on many more factors,such as age and the injury tear type.After the wound heal,take the doctor’recovery exercise,while keep on and follow the therapist recovery program.In addition, if the knee joint postoperative pain and influenced your knee to do joint exercise,you can ask the doctor injection sodium hyaluronate in the knee joint,it can obviously relief knee pain symptoms and lubrication joint.