Can meniscus tear heal itself without surgery ?

The question about meniscus tear nonsurgical treatment and surgery treatment

I was identified of medial meniscus tear days ago, because it is a small tear on the outer edge of menisci, my doctor recommended me conservative treatment , but one another doctor suggested have a arthroscopic surgery ,I am very hesitant and don’t know what to do next,can meniscus tear heal itself without arthroscopic surgery ? do you all have any good suggestions ?Please tell me i would greatly appreciate it a lot.

meniscus tear and knee joint

meniscus tear and knee joint

The best answer for meniscus tear nonsurgical treatment and surgery treatment

  1. I read your above symptoms, and feel is affected by the trauma, but it is not specific enough, such as injury time, your age and so on.
  2. If you are young, I advise you not to have a surgery, the meniscus level 1 and level 2 degree signal would better not have a surgery, mainly due to  your injury history, how about your right hip flexor stretch, if the degree up to 90 degrees, there is no need to have a meniscus tear surgery.
  3. What about your walk condition, whether there is a knee locking when walking, and is the knee locking frequent ? Knee locking prevents the knee joint from either fully straightening or fully bending, if you don’t have knee locking symptom, or take a few stops or several months or even several years did not have this kind of phenomenon, it is not need have the arthroscopic surgery.
  4. If you just torn meniscus,it belongs to the acute phase, get more rest,keep the knee joint warm,use the hot towel on the knee before go to sleeping.To avoid weight-bearing and strenuous exercise,If crouch difficult not to mandatory squat,because of mandatory squat will aggravate your meniscal tear symptoms, the human body in the squat legs bear 3 to 6 times of  the original body weight.

General speaking, meniscus injury level three may consider the meniscus tear arthroscopic surgery, for level one and two are in the conservative treatment range.The meniscus can heal itself without surgery,for the tear not more than 2cm length,and tear in the rich blood supply area,the injury much more have a easy rehabilitation.

Meniscus tear traditional Chinese medicine can increase the function of knee joints,which helps pass through the blood circulation from skin,and heal the meniscus itself completely without surgery.