functions of meniscus

What is meniscus and the function

Meniscus is one of the most important and mysterious part of human’s knees, it has its own special function,as we all known, our knees support the weight of the body, and the meniscus relief the stress, so as to avoid knee got injury, in other words, the functions of meniscus is spread load force of the knee joint, promote nutrient absorption sections arounding the meniscus, and stabilize the knee joint. Because of the important role in stability knee joint,depending on its special meniscus functions, it guarantees weight-bearing for many years without knee injury.

meniscus functions detection

meniscus special functions detection

Meniscus is two fibrous cartilage shaped like crescent in the knee joint, locating in the medial and lateral of the tibial articular surface,it thick outside and thin inside, cross-section is triangular shape, the above is slightly concave, in this way to coincide with the femoral condyle,the below is flat, meet with the tibial plateau. In such a structure exactly right formation a deep recess between the femoral condyle and tibial plateau,in this excellent function,meniscus  increasing the stability of ball shaped femoral condyle and the tibial plateau, the front and end of meniscus attached at middle tibial terrace, rather than articular surface, in between front and rear of condyle,these two position also be called as anterior horn meniscus and posterior horn meniscus.

meniscus function

meniscus function and meniscus tear

The functions of meniscus

Between the femoral condyle and tibial plateau, the meniscus like a buffer, protection the both side of articular surface, absorb the shock conveying to downward, especially this role is more apparent when the concussion convey buckling or unbend. our knee suffer much more stress apart from body weight when jumping down from high place, but why the cartilage between femoral condyle and tibial plateau keeping in good condition, this is because existence of meniscus,rely on its  it  flexibility function,meniscus spreads the force to bear at the knee in same time, not confined to a point of femoral condyle and tibial plateau. In addition, meniscus can prevent the shifting of the femur, that is because wedge-shaped meniscus can make up for the disproportionate between femoral condyle and tibial plateau, filling the around dead space of round femoral condyle and tibial plateau, thus increasing the stability of the knee, and can prevent joint capsule and synovial organization into the articular surface. Meniscus can also prevent the femoral condyle forwarding slip on the tibial plateau, regulating the pressure inside the knee. The distribution of lubricating fluid on the meniscus, helps lubricate the knee joints and reduce friction. Meniscus itself has very good flexibility, it still maintain flexibility when the compression from 5mm to 2.5mm,together with its arched shape make sure articular cavity edge better support synovial sac. Meniscus can also support the rotation movement of knee, assist the lateral ligamentous control the joint lateral movements and help the joint rotation movement.

So we learn that the meniscus is very important for us,but it has many damage problems, its common injury is meniscus tear, it is necessary to learn more about meniscus functions and protection tips,so make a better healthy life.