Knee meniscus cartilage tear treatment

Knee meniscus cartilage tear

Because of the meniscus is belonging to no vascular soft tissue, once it got injury is difficult healing by normal treatment, the surgery is just suture the injury of meniscus , if the tear is serious, the torn meniscus must be resected.It is not necessary have the surgery when suffering no serious meniscal tear, if your injuries as long as it doesn’t affect your daily life and work, the conservative treatment is the best choice, the surgery does not have very good effect for the initial tear, after all the operation is also a regular failure, unless it seriously affect your normal life and work, then have a surgery,  but must remember that do not do too much sports, especially the intense exercise,have an external application of traditional Chinese medicine,the treatment for knee meniscus cartilage tear is better.

Knee meniscus cartilage tear picture

Knee meniscus cartilage tear picture

The treatment of meniscus cartilage tear reviews

  • I pasted the second evaluation after the plaster is received , it is really effective, I had my leg  is too heavy to lift, it was relaxed after the paste, felt some warm heating in the first day , there also some  slowly sinking warmth the next day, saying magic seems too mysterious, in total the effect is really very good.
  • The plaster is very good, the meniscus cartilage has good feeling in a few days, and there is no common cutaneous side effects,highly speaking of the plaster treatment.