Knee patella pain meniscus remedy

The question :

My knee patella feeling pain because of too much playing football ,which end in patellar pointed up according to pain, it is not pain when walking , but painful when sit down, squat, bend the knees , think there are inflammation, this is what disease?Is it meniscus tear ? How to treat and remedy? What kind of medicine is better ? Please answer me, thank you.

The best answer :

Your story is not a very typical patellar softening (patellar cartilage inflammation) performance, there may be other knee problems that need to be inspected. The knee is the ring by other causes, such as the patellar dislocation or subluxation and knee joint within the meniscus tear and meniscal injury situation, etc.

every night with towel hot compress. As far as possible aviod voilent movement, pay attention to rest, and keep warm. After a short time should be able to recover.

Because I couldn’t face the patient, can’t fully understand the illness of your knee patella pain , I suggest you to have the specialized subject hospital seeing orthopedics, had better do a of the knee joint nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) and add the patellar axis a take a piece, make clear further cause to do the treatment.