Lateral meniscus tear repair

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My daughter is 14 years old, who is currently studying at a university affiliated middle school,her major is professional dancing, on September 19th,her injury herself when exercising,and her left leg first touchdown,with the right leg is lifted up,somehow has been injured,bones no injuries after X-ray checking. But the left knee joint swelling next day,with paining severely,then on September 21th,take her to have meniscus tear mri checking.

And the result of magnetic resonance image which see: left knee joint bone complete structure,knee joint tissue no problem, joint lumen and fair summation of the capsule visible releases long t1 long t2 signals, left knee joint lateral joint meniscus increased anterior horn see linear signal of shadow,nearly to articular surface,the left knee joint,front cruciate ligament form signal did not see abnormalities.Lateral ligamentous saw no abnormalities.

The diagnosis opinion: 1, diagnostic left knee joint of the lateral meniscus tear, please combined with anterior horn clinical history. 2, left knee joint in releases effusion.

Once treatment and effect:
On September 22th morning, on the same day felt twinge.Injection closed on September 25th, most of the knee joint swelling went down.September 23th has not feel pain,the leg can unbend (not feel pain),but no more than 90 degrees to bend,can direct straight SLR training.

Because of the little girl was engaged in professional dancing major,the future may be affected if meniscus injured,thank you,we are very anxious.

Please try your daughter put the hands on her knees,hearing whether or not there is “click” sounds when you stretch and bent the shank, if it ringing you should take special  attention!And up and down the stair have suddenly it seems can’t move a muscle joints,as same as stuck. Have the circumstance in this you must check and treatment,perfunctory as if painful nothing, but when it would have been recurrence.General not serious need sanatorium can good, if meniscal damage will be have a meniscus tear arthroscopic surgery,the surgery was performed with mending and resection, and several other classes, surgery under the arthroscope, the wound is small hemorrhage also rarely, general hospital in bigger didn’t have that condition.General 3 months after surgery you can resume that hand preoperative!Surgery more exercise is ok! You want in a little use!I am also meniscus tear done after Angle, recovery operation is good!Previous conservative treatment, no movement is no matter what says sports pain, no effect, then surgery, doctors say there is home illness aggravating,if so you should have early surgery,for your daughter, the lateral meniscus tear,she can has conservative treatment at first,it needs time to observe,then decide what to do next according the situation of these days.