Meniscus cartilage regeneration

I had my knee sprain and torn my meniscus badly in May of this year,but I didn’t care much about it, just rest  for a period of time before back to sports again, and continue to campaign for a while , then went to the hospital have an examination, be diagnosis of  the posterior horn of the meniscus injury, and the effusion of knee joint, the doctor suggested that better have operation, I didn’t agree and hesitate, I am only 18 years old. After the doctor’s request, to take the medicine every day, medicated conservative treatment, after the 3 months to feel better, sometimes also can running slowly, but bend at the knee back” click ” noisy sometimes will hurt a little, but now I have been afraid to jump. This time I go to the hospital several times,but the doctor say that let me keep on. The doctor said I was not badly, I do not know this situation can be cured ? Can the meniscus cartilage regeneration

Best reply :

Meniscus tear is consist of  three degrees. Without magnetic resonance film (MRI),I do not know the extent of your injury. If it is the light injury, there is a big chance of recovery. But generally speaking, more difficult to heal, or the time needed for healing is very long, may limit the activities of the time will be long. Mainly because of the major meniscus is no blood supply, the only nutritional just that little bit of joint capsule liquid. So it needs time to regeneration and heal,traditional chinese medicine can increase the regeneration and treat meniscus cartilage completely.While the meniscus injury is mainly caused by rolling motion. For example you injury, squatting when walking, is rolling, so will be very painful. A similar movement, have caused meniscus tear. This period of time must not be bent at the knee when doing exercise load. But the upright is harmless.