Meniscus tear non surgical treatment solution

The meniscus is one of the most vulnerable part of our body, especially may get injury when in the fierce campaign,which the most prone to meniscus tear,Sometimes we can’t identify meniscal tear,what is worse, some people think it should be have a meniscectomy,however,is there any meniscus tear non surgical treatment solution for the meniscus injuries ?

The specialists on the meniscus in the biomechanical function and carry on a lot of research, more and more aware of the importance of meniscal biomechanical function, that it is so simply for the damage meniscectomy, and it should better repair meniscus, but as a result of the meniscus itself without blood, only in the peripheral blood circulation,  only the edge of the tear meniscus injury after long time cultivation may heal. No blood supply to the zone of injury of meniscus repair after healing is not easy, this is one of the difficult problems for the orthopedic community, the specialist also made a lot of studies on.For the meniscus that blood can not reach , it better can use traditional chinese medicine permeation method of repair the meniscus.

Meniscus regeneration and non surgical treatment

compared with operation treatment or arthroscopic surgery , meniscal regeneration is a more ideal therapy . Begin from nineteen-eighty, as the knee meniscus injury replacement therapy, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other advanced countries as the center, to popularize the use of natural blue shark cartilage powder therapy. Because meniscal regeneration, is the treatment of meniscus injury with suboptimal method. Pure natural Prionace glauca ( i.e., Prionace glauca ) cartilage powder can achieve human cartilage regeneration, from inside the complete realization of meniscal regeneration, has become the advanced state of the new attempt, has in the world have been gradually extended to the clinical. But the therapy selection difficulty, technology demand is high, the price is relatively expensive, it gained widespread popularity as a barrier.which is bad for heal a torn meniscus naturally.

Are you looking for a good surprise meniscus tear non surgical treatment, the traditional chinese medicine for meniscus tear will repair your meniscus forever.