Meniscus tear symptoms help

The question about meniscus tear symptoms:

Eight days ago, I fell down from a chair, and hurt my knee badly, so I worried about it maybe meniscus tear, the symptoms as follows.

1, the inner side of my right knee is bruising, and slightly concave, there is feel pain and numbness when press down,besides,the inside of knee feeling internal friction of sand and full of liquid.

2, I can walk and running as normal, but the right knee feeling pain, swelling and sour when I keep still.

3, There is no sounds when I bend or unbend my knee.

According the above symptoms, I extremely worried about that it is meniscus tear, so I ask about it from the kind hearted, has my meniscus tear or not ?Thanks ahead.

meniscus tear symptoms

meniscus tear symptom

The best answer about meniscus tear symptoms:

1, from there is no sounds when you bend or unbend your knee, it is no much problem with your meniscus, because there is “crack” sound when meniscus tear, so do not worry about your meniscus.

2,as you mentioned, the inner side of your right knee is bruising, and slightly concave, there is feel pain and numbness when you press down. It is most likely injury your ligaments, I suggest you go to hospital for a magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) as soon as possible, so as to confirm the extent of injury, because the injured ligaments can easily lead to your knee joint instability,non-normal friction of articular cartilage, and may eventually develop into a traumatic arthritis, after all, traumatic arthritis is difficult to treatment. your feeling internal friction of sand root in the friction of the non-normal articular cartilage, full of liquid of your knee is because of the knee effusion.

3, I suggest you convalesce in one month, do not engage in strenuous exercise, and take good care of your meniscus and knee.

4, you can treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, topical plus oral administration, all have good effect on your injury, getting hot compress every night, massage your knee regularly so as to accelerating the blood circulation, this also benefit for the knee and meniscus. These above all good for your healthy.

The last washing you have a speedy recovery.

meniscus tear symptoms as follows:

1、Swelling of the knee joint.
2、Moderate pain,especially pain heavily when swelling.
3、Have discordance on range of motion,the symptom is unable bend or straight the leg completely.
4、Weakness of the knee joint,the symptom is difficult in straighting out and lifting the knee.
5、There is “poping” sound when get injury,and there is “click” sound when unbend and bend the knee joint,which is the most common meniscus tear symptom.

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