Posterior horn medial meniscus tear treatment

posterior horn medial meniscus tear


The ask:

I had my meniscus injury when playing volleyball one month ago, after MRI,the result is posterior horn medial meniscus tear in my left leg, and the symptom is there has sounds in my left knee when bend leg, I am now looking for the treatment tips, thanks very much.

Posterior horn medial meniscus tear patient

Posterior horn medial meniscus tear treatment

The best answer:

According your MRI result, this is better have a timely treatment after confirmed, for posterior horn medial meniscus tear, mainly used to adopt conservative treatment, such as bend the knee then straight it as long as possible, this way can solve “locking knee” symptom. Or fix the leg with elastic bandages and plaster cast, you can heal the meniscus tear after 7 weeks, but this is only fit for less than 1/3 meniscus tear, for conservative treatment, you may also consider a meniscus tear surgery. But for the major meniscus tear,you should consider traditional chinese medicine treatment,I have remedy from the tear in just a course of treatment.

Here are some small tips for you in daily life.

A: Attention to the protection of the movement, especially when jumping and running, be carefully about the rotation of knee when under violence force.

B:When the knee injury occurs, have a treatment as soon as possible, and put the accurate diagnosis in the first place, for “locking knee” symptom, it is necessary for a effective treatment.

C:Attention to the safety in our normal life, looking out for wet road、traffic accidents, and so on.

D:Attention to the prevention of knee joint disease in order to avoid the occurrence of knee joint proliferative,which have a negative effect on the meniscus.

E:The obese patients should have a effective exercise to lose weight, so as to relief the stress for meniscus.