How to heal a meniscus tear

Wang Shi plaster has a history of more than three hundred years,which produced  by old Chinese medicine family,and it can heal the meniscus tear naturally without surgery.

Wang Shi plaster is awesome. the knee has good effect in 24 hours for just one stick,I’ve been using it since the sports injuries . I place it on the area of injury and feel it penetrate the skin with soothing relief. I don’t know if it speeds recovery. It feels like it stimulates circulation. What I can say for sure is that it helps to relieve pain and muscles tightness,and I keep up for ten sticks,it is amazing that I can walk and run as normal,it is one of the best medicine for heal a meniscus tear.

chinese herbal medicine for meniscal

One meniscus tears suffer says : This is the best medicine I ever use for meniscal, it removal my pain and heal the meniscus, and I never have knee joint locking since the amazing treatment, the chinese medicine is much more than i expected, I will introduce it to my friends that trouble in meniscus problems.

Meniscus tear non surgical treatment solution

The meniscus is one of the most vulnerable part of our body, especially may get injury when in the fierce campaign,which the most prone to meniscus tear,Sometimes we can’t identify meniscal tear,what is worse, some people think it should be have a meniscectomy,however,is there any meniscus tear non surgical treatment solution for the meniscus injuries ?

The specialists on the meniscus in the biomechanical function and carry on a lot of research, more and more aware of the importance of meniscal biomechanical function, that it is so simply for the damage meniscectomy, and it should better repair meniscus, but as a result of the meniscus itself without blood, only in the peripheral blood circulation,  only the edge of the tear meniscus injury after long time cultivation may heal. No blood supply to the zone of injury of meniscus repair after healing is not easy, this is one of the difficult problems for the orthopedic community, the specialist also made a lot of studies on.For the meniscus that blood can not reach , it better can use traditional chinese medicine permeation method of repair the meniscus.

Meniscus regeneration and non surgical treatment

compared with operation treatment or arthroscopic surgery , meniscal regeneration is a more ideal therapy . Begin from nineteen-eighty, as the knee meniscus injury replacement therapy, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other advanced countries as the center, to popularize the use of natural blue shark cartilage powder therapy. Because meniscal regeneration, is the treatment of meniscus injury with suboptimal method. Pure natural Prionace glauca ( i.e., Prionace glauca ) cartilage powder can achieve human cartilage regeneration, from inside the complete realization of meniscal regeneration, has become the advanced state of the new attempt, has in the world have been gradually extended to the clinical. But the therapy selection difficulty, technology demand is high, the price is relatively expensive, it gained widespread popularity as a barrier.which is bad for heal a torn meniscus naturally.

Are you looking for a good surprise meniscus tear non surgical treatment, the traditional chinese medicine for meniscus tear will repair your meniscus forever.

Arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery time

My arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery problem

It is a nightmare for me,but I can get over it.I got my meniscus tear badly.So half month ago,I had arthroscopic surgery treatment,and removed partial meniscus and synovial,because of the synovial knit wall syndrome,so the synovial got resection.But now the symptoms is same with before the surgery,I can walk,but can not up and down stairs,my doctor told me to straight leg raises for 350 times every day,but he didn’t suggest me to have the knee joint bend exercise, is it will knee joint adhesion.I want to ask,how long my arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery time ?When can I up and down stairs normally ?What is the exercise method during the recovery time ?

Meniscus tear surgery recovery time and method

arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery

arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery

As a very common injury of the knee joint,we need to treat meniscus tear according the different injury grades,it is a good help on the base of the recovery therapist’ rehabilitation program,the rehabilitation program is consisted of exercise in home and the physical therapy,which can benefit for the knee joint flexibility and power, Your doctor telling you to do straight leg raises for 350 times every day,the main purpose is to practice the quadriceps muscles, it is the commonly used exercise method during the arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear recovery time,the knee joint will not adhesion without bend and unbend exercise,but it is necessary to have fully exercise flexion,which also can good for leg strengthen function, you can to do the straight leg raises training at the same time doing knee joint exercise,which can restore range of motion of the knee joint, strength the balance and endurance of the leg meniscus,but the premise is not tired for degrees, or otherwise it will have adverse effect. It probably need 5-7 weeks to recovery fully,the meniscus tear recovery time is depending on many more factors,such as age and the injury tear type.After the wound heal,take the doctor’recovery exercise,while keep on and follow the therapist recovery program.In addition, if the knee joint postoperative pain and influenced your knee to do joint exercise,you can ask the doctor injection sodium hyaluronate in the knee joint,it can obviously relief knee pain symptoms and lubrication joint.

Treatment for torn meniscus

The question for torn meniscus treatment

I got my meniscus injury when playing basketball one year ago, during this year I go to see doctor many times,even though feeling better after visiting, because there is no much wrong in my normal activities, so I continue to play basketball, but hurting my meniscus several times. Recently after checked in the hospital, the doctor said it might meniscal tear,and the tear may be need a surgery,he also said that the effect of arthroscopy surgery is very good, and benefit for torn meniscus recovery.But when I ask it from other doctor (he is my dad’s classmate), he said arthroscopy surgery is not so good, so I should not have a surgery.

Now I am feel very vexed,as if the meniscus really damaged,should I have arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear,and how long can I recovery after the surgery?I am living in NewYork, could you tell me which hospital or doctors is better in Newyork?

The answer for torn meniscus treatment

1. Because the blood supply ability of meniscus is very poor, so it is difficult to heal once torn meniscus.

2. The main symptom of meniscus tear is pain, when there is the knee locking,the pain is more apparent when stuck. Also with the ring sound, along with crack sounds in the knee joint. Meniscal tear is not terrible,the painful just can be endure, the key for it will accelerate joint degeneration,which can make your earlier than normal suffering from arthritis.

3. As a result,for a badly torn meniscus,it better for a early surgery treatment, arthroscopic surgery is the right way, and the pain is less,with minimally invasive.General is arthroscopic meniscus resection,total resection or subtotal resection, the right meniscus tear can also sutures.

4. if the meniscus be cut off, missing a structure on the joint will certainly have influence, but you should to know, if you don’t make it out, even though there is conservation treatment success,attention for more bad influence.So now, if sure is torn meniscus surgery for it as soon as possible.

5. I’m not the NewYork resident, so I can not tell you that the doctor is good, but generally speaking your local superlative hospital,preparing for this kind of surgery treatment is a piece of cake.

When the meniscal injury,the knee joint symptom is swelling, pain and restricted of movement in the serious time,medial joint space have tenderness,the serious suffer couldn’t walk. Stay after acute period,there is long-term knee pain and cain injury,feel uneasy when up and downstairs,the pain limbs weakness,  knee instability during walking, especially go down from a hill. When you walk may cause walk to fall when the knee flexion happen suddenly can’t  move,which also called “lock” phenomenon. After the activity to “unlock slowly,” “unlock” and activities again. Some patients have a small amount of effusion joints.When bend and unbend repeatedly, can see the knee flexion with swinging and hear the calf ringing noise .

Treatment for torn meniscus: for the meniscal injury early, the pain limb should have rest with raise, apply traditional chinese medicine scattered eliminate swelling and pain there. Have a active as soon as possible after the symptom is reduced,take more light activities, exercise the quadriceps.

Meniscus tear mri and images

Meniscus tear mri

Meniscus tear is one of the main reasons of knee joint ache, normally the X-ray and CT scanning can not display meniscus conditions. By the reason of mri has high organization resolution ratio, and mri can multiaspect imagery,its diagnostic accuracy rate is 80% – 100%,so mri becoming the best check method for meniscus tear, here are stoller grading for tore meniscus on mri result.

Grade one: Performance of amorphous or spherical high signal shadow. But this is not reach the meniscal articular surface edge,so the type of damage under the arthroscope appears normal.

meniscus tear mri grade one

meniscus tear mri image grade one

Grade two: Performance of linear high signal on the image.In other words,it means serious degeneration,and it is the continue of grade one, which not reach the meniscus articular surface but can reach margin of articular rim,however, it doesn’t mean grade two damage will progress to grade three.

meniscus tear mri image grade two

meniscus tear mri image grade two

Grade three:It shows linear or diffuse high signal and extended to the joint surface,this is named meniscus tear.As there is various and complex of meniscus tear,so judging correctly meniscus tear parts, shape, type is good for the formulation of clinical operation program.According the mri signal,meniscus tear is mainly classified six types.

meniscus tear mri grade three

meniscus tear mri grade three

1,meniscus level tear: high signal shadow that is parallels with tibial on mri result, this type tear relatively rare.

image of meniscus level tear mri

meniscus level tear mri

2,meniscus vertical tear: high signal shadow that is verticals with tibial on mri result.

3,meniscus diagonal tear: high signal shadow that has certain angles with tibial on mri result, strip high signal on the shadow achieves articular surfaces or inferior margin,sometimes it is not easily distinguish with longitudinal shape meniscus tear, this is the most common type injury.

meniscus diagonal tear image mri

meniscus diagonal tear image mri

meniscus diagonal tear mri result

meniscus diagonal tear mri result

4,meniscus longitudinal tear: high signal shadow that is parallels with meniscus’long axis on mri result. This type of meniscus tear involving wide range and may lead to bucket handle tear.

meniscus longitudinal tear mri

meniscus longitudinal tear image

meniscus longitudinal tear mri image

meniscus longitudinal tear mri image

5,meniscus bucket handle tear:this type tear involving all parts of the meniscus,which has heavily meniscus tear symptoms,obvious of joint bowstring,it usually caused from meniscus longitudinal tear.

meniscus bucket handle tear

meniscus bucket handle tear mri image

6,meniscus radial tear: high signal shadow that is verticals with meniscus’long axis on mri result.It is mainly caused in 1/3 of medial meniscus.This type tear relatively rare.

meniscus radial tear mri image

meniscus radial tear mri image

There is other types tear,such as meniscus joint capsule separation, parrot mouth shape tear,and so on,these types tear relatively rare.

Posterior horn medial meniscus tear treatment

posterior horn medial meniscus tear


The ask:

I had my meniscus injury when playing volleyball one month ago, after MRI,the result is posterior horn medial meniscus tear in my left leg, and the symptom is there has sounds in my left knee when bend leg, I am now looking for the treatment tips, thanks very much.

Posterior horn medial meniscus tear patient

Posterior horn medial meniscus tear treatment

The best answer:

According your MRI result, this is better have a timely treatment after confirmed, for posterior horn medial meniscus tear, mainly used to adopt conservative treatment, such as bend the knee then straight it as long as possible, this way can solve “locking knee” symptom. Or fix the leg with elastic bandages and plaster cast, you can heal the meniscus tear after 7 weeks, but this is only fit for less than 1/3 meniscus tear, for conservative treatment, you may also consider a meniscus tear surgery. But for the major meniscus tear,you should consider traditional chinese medicine treatment,I have remedy from the tear in just a course of treatment.

Here are some small tips for you in daily life.

A: Attention to the protection of the movement, especially when jumping and running, be carefully about the rotation of knee when under violence force.

B:When the knee injury occurs, have a treatment as soon as possible, and put the accurate diagnosis in the first place, for “locking knee” symptom, it is necessary for a effective treatment.

C:Attention to the safety in our normal life, looking out for wet road、traffic accidents, and so on.

D:Attention to the prevention of knee joint disease in order to avoid the occurrence of knee joint proliferative,which have a negative effect on the meniscus.

E:The obese patients should have a effective exercise to lose weight, so as to relief the stress for meniscus.

What is a torn meniscus

What is a torn meniscus

Meniscus tear is one of the common sports injuries, it often due to from powerful force on one leg, or caused by the incompatibility of motion, such as kick empty、feet kick feet when playing football, got tripped when running, and other sprained knee. which lead to the meniscus stuck between the femur and tibia, with the powerful force from outside, causing the meniscus tear. It is more prone to meniscus tear if along with other conditions, for example, long-term of squatting labor, there who gets discoid meniscus, and having ligament injury, and so on. Because of aging of meniscus degeneration, the elderly more easily lead to meniscus tear,besides,these torn meniscus cause can even without the apparent trauma.

what is a tore meniscus and football sport meniscus injury

what is a tore meniscus and football sport injury

The torn meniscus

Our knee meniscus is between the femur and the tibia plateau, inside the knee joint, consisted of two forms of lateral cartilage fiber. The meniscus tear may cause when the knee violently stretched, bent, twisted, transfer and other actions. There is feel tearing and sounds in the knee joint when meniscus tears, partial pain on the knee, Swelling and the knee can not extensor fully, the knee has sound when moving. Even some may suffer from symptoms of knee locking, this symptom is bend and unbend are limited when the knee joint start moving, accompanied with heavily pain,this is one of meniscus tear symptoms,besides there is “crack” sounds when bend and unbend the knee joint.

Meniscus tear symptoms help

The question about meniscus tear symptoms:

Eight days ago, I fell down from a chair, and hurt my knee badly, so I worried about it maybe meniscus tear, the symptoms as follows.

1, the inner side of my right knee is bruising, and slightly concave, there is feel pain and numbness when press down,besides,the inside of knee feeling internal friction of sand and full of liquid.

2, I can walk and running as normal, but the right knee feeling pain, swelling and sour when I keep still.

3, There is no sounds when I bend or unbend my knee.

According the above symptoms, I extremely worried about that it is meniscus tear, so I ask about it from the kind hearted, has my meniscus tear or not ?Thanks ahead.

meniscus tear symptoms

meniscus tear symptom

The best answer about meniscus tear symptoms:

1, from there is no sounds when you bend or unbend your knee, it is no much problem with your meniscus, because there is “crack” sound when meniscus tear, so do not worry about your meniscus.

2,as you mentioned, the inner side of your right knee is bruising, and slightly concave, there is feel pain and numbness when you press down. It is most likely injury your ligaments, I suggest you go to hospital for a magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) as soon as possible, so as to confirm the extent of injury, because the injured ligaments can easily lead to your knee joint instability,non-normal friction of articular cartilage, and may eventually develop into a traumatic arthritis, after all, traumatic arthritis is difficult to treatment. your feeling internal friction of sand root in the friction of the non-normal articular cartilage, full of liquid of your knee is because of the knee effusion.

3, I suggest you convalesce in one month, do not engage in strenuous exercise, and take good care of your meniscus and knee.

4, you can treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, topical plus oral administration, all have good effect on your injury, getting hot compress every night, massage your knee regularly so as to accelerating the blood circulation, this also benefit for the knee and meniscus. These above all good for your healthy.

The last washing you have a speedy recovery.

meniscus tear symptoms as follows:

1、Swelling of the knee joint.
2、Moderate pain,especially pain heavily when swelling.
3、Have discordance on range of motion,the symptom is unable bend or straight the leg completely.
4、Weakness of the knee joint,the symptom is difficult in straighting out and lifting the knee.
5、There is “poping” sound when get injury,and there is “click” sound when unbend and bend the knee joint,which is the most common meniscus tear symptom.

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functions of meniscus

What is meniscus and the function

Meniscus is one of the most important and mysterious part of human’s knees, it has its own special function,as we all known, our knees support the weight of the body, and the meniscus relief the stress, so as to avoid knee got injury, in other words, the functions of meniscus is spread load force of the knee joint, promote nutrient absorption sections arounding the meniscus, and stabilize the knee joint. Because of the important role in stability knee joint,depending on its special meniscus functions, it guarantees weight-bearing for many years without knee injury.

meniscus functions detection

meniscus special functions detection

Meniscus is two fibrous cartilage shaped like crescent in the knee joint, locating in the medial and lateral of the tibial articular surface,it thick outside and thin inside, cross-section is triangular shape, the above is slightly concave, in this way to coincide with the femoral condyle,the below is flat, meet with the tibial plateau. In such a structure exactly right formation a deep recess between the femoral condyle and tibial plateau,in this excellent function,meniscus  increasing the stability of ball shaped femoral condyle and the tibial plateau, the front and end of meniscus attached at middle tibial terrace, rather than articular surface, in between front and rear of condyle,these two position also be called as anterior horn meniscus and posterior horn meniscus.

meniscus function

meniscus function and meniscus tear

The functions of meniscus

Between the femoral condyle and tibial plateau, the meniscus like a buffer, protection the both side of articular surface, absorb the shock conveying to downward, especially this role is more apparent when the concussion convey buckling or unbend. our knee suffer much more stress apart from body weight when jumping down from high place, but why the cartilage between femoral condyle and tibial plateau keeping in good condition, this is because existence of meniscus,rely on its  it  flexibility function,meniscus spreads the force to bear at the knee in same time, not confined to a point of femoral condyle and tibial plateau. In addition, meniscus can prevent the shifting of the femur, that is because wedge-shaped meniscus can make up for the disproportionate between femoral condyle and tibial plateau, filling the around dead space of round femoral condyle and tibial plateau, thus increasing the stability of the knee, and can prevent joint capsule and synovial organization into the articular surface. Meniscus can also prevent the femoral condyle forwarding slip on the tibial plateau, regulating the pressure inside the knee. The distribution of lubricating fluid on the meniscus, helps lubricate the knee joints and reduce friction. Meniscus itself has very good flexibility, it still maintain flexibility when the compression from 5mm to 2.5mm,together with its arched shape make sure articular cavity edge better support synovial sac. Meniscus can also support the rotation movement of knee, assist the lateral ligamentous control the joint lateral movements and help the joint rotation movement.

So we learn that the meniscus is very important for us,but it has many damage problems, its common injury is meniscus tear, it is necessary to learn more about meniscus functions and protection tips,so make a better healthy life.

Knee meniscus cartilage tear treatment

Knee meniscus cartilage tear

Because of the meniscus is belonging to no vascular soft tissue, once it got injury is difficult healing by normal treatment, the surgery is just suture the injury of meniscus , if the tear is serious, the torn meniscus must be resected.It is not necessary have the surgery when suffering no serious meniscal tear, if your injuries as long as it doesn’t affect your daily life and work, the conservative treatment is the best choice, the surgery does not have very good effect for the initial tear, after all the operation is also a regular failure, unless it seriously affect your normal life and work, then have a surgery,  but must remember that do not do too much sports, especially the intense exercise,have an external application of traditional Chinese medicine,the treatment for knee meniscus cartilage tear is better.

Knee meniscus cartilage tear picture

Knee meniscus cartilage tear picture

The treatment of meniscus cartilage tear reviews

  • I pasted the second evaluation after the plaster is received , it is really effective, I had my leg  is too heavy to lift, it was relaxed after the paste, felt some warm heating in the first day , there also some  slowly sinking warmth the next day, saying magic seems too mysterious, in total the effect is really very good.
  • The plaster is very good, the meniscus cartilage has good feeling in a few days, and there is no common cutaneous side effects,highly speaking of the plaster treatment.