Treatment for torn meniscus

The question for torn meniscus treatment

I got my meniscus injury when playing basketball one year ago, during this year I go to see doctor many times,even though feeling better after visiting, because there is no much wrong in my normal activities, so I continue to play basketball, but hurting my meniscus several times. Recently after checked in the hospital, the doctor said it might meniscal tear,and the tear may be need a surgery,he also said that the effect of arthroscopy surgery is very good, and benefit for torn meniscus recovery.But when I ask it from other doctor (he is my dad’s classmate), he said arthroscopy surgery is not so good, so I should not have a surgery.

Now I am feel very vexed,as if the meniscus really damaged,should I have arthroscopic surgery meniscus tear,and how long can I recovery after the surgery?I am living in NewYork, could you tell me which hospital or doctors is better in Newyork?

The answer for torn meniscus treatment

1. Because the blood supply ability of meniscus is very poor, so it is difficult to heal once torn meniscus.

2. The main symptom of meniscus tear is pain, when there is the knee locking,the pain is more apparent when stuck. Also with the ring sound, along with crack sounds in the knee joint. Meniscal tear is not terrible,the painful just can be endure, the key for it will accelerate joint degeneration,which can make your earlier than normal suffering from arthritis.

3. As a result,for a badly torn meniscus,it better for a early surgery treatment, arthroscopic surgery is the right way, and the pain is less,with minimally invasive.General is arthroscopic meniscus resection,total resection or subtotal resection, the right meniscus tear can also sutures.

4. if the meniscus be cut off, missing a structure on the joint will certainly have influence, but you should to know, if you don’t make it out, even though there is conservation treatment success,attention for more bad influence.So now, if sure is torn meniscus surgery for it as soon as possible.

5. I’m not the NewYork resident, so I can not tell you that the doctor is good, but generally speaking your local superlative hospital,preparing for this kind of surgery treatment is a piece of cake.

When the meniscal injury,the knee joint symptom is swelling, pain and restricted of movement in the serious time,medial joint space have tenderness,the serious suffer couldn’t walk. Stay after acute period,there is long-term knee pain and cain injury,feel uneasy when up and downstairs,the pain limbs weakness,  knee instability during walking, especially go down from a hill. When you walk may cause walk to fall when the knee flexion happen suddenly can’t  move,which also called “lock” phenomenon. After the activity to “unlock slowly,” “unlock” and activities again. Some patients have a small amount of effusion joints.When bend and unbend repeatedly, can see the knee flexion with swinging and hear the calf ringing noise .

Treatment for torn meniscus: for the meniscal injury early, the pain limb should have rest with raise, apply traditional chinese medicine scattered eliminate swelling and pain there. Have a active as soon as possible after the symptom is reduced,take more light activities, exercise the quadriceps.