What cause knee pain of women

Even though women are weak, but there is a lot of tender disease still trouble them. Also recently heard many women friends complaint about the knee pain problem, then what are the cause of the knee pain ? Is it meniscus tear or knee osteoarthritis.

The cause of knee pain of women

The experts point out that: the knee arthritis may cause the knee pain, because of as the largest and the most complicated structure joints of human body, which Bear most of the weight of the body.However, the adipose content is at least of knee joint, the most vulnerable to stimulate the parts in the cold. If love is always to women, extremely easy manner ignore the temperature form at present, a lot of old people in the knee osteoarthritis that is suffering.

Knee osteoarthritis is a cause of disability culprit, as the main reason some patients had to change artificial knee through surgery. Incidence rate and increased with age, the onset of the women and the men and women ratio for 6-4, the age of onset earlier than men.

There is also other causes that result in knee pain,like cartilage damage and meniscus tear,which may be treated with cartilage rebuilding or physical therapy.

Warm tips: the prevention of knee osteoarthritis, should protect the knee joint from young, especially for women. Women easily get knee pain, so in daily life to protect the knee.

Do not fear or nervous when knee pain symptoms appears, as long as more attention, timely diagnosis and treatment, health or will return to our side ! If you have other questions need to consult and solution that recovery from knee pain causes, please refer other posts about stop knee pain treatment tips.