What is a torn meniscus

What is a torn meniscus

Meniscus tear is one of the common sports injuries, it often due to from powerful force on one leg, or caused by the incompatibility of motion, such as kick empty、feet kick feet when playing football, got tripped when running, and other sprained knee. which lead to the meniscus stuck between the femur and tibia, with the powerful force from outside, causing the meniscus tear. It is more prone to meniscus tear if along with other conditions, for example, long-term of squatting labor, there who gets discoid meniscus, and having ligament injury, and so on. Because of aging of meniscus degeneration, the elderly more easily lead to meniscus tear,besides,these torn meniscus cause can even without the apparent trauma.

what is a tore meniscus and football sport meniscus injury

what is a tore meniscus and football sport injury

The torn meniscus

Our knee meniscus is between the femur and the tibia plateau, inside the knee joint, consisted of two forms of lateral cartilage fiber. The meniscus tear may cause when the knee violently stretched, bent, twisted, transfer and other actions. There is feel tearing and sounds in the knee joint when meniscus tears, partial pain on the knee, Swelling and the knee can not extensor fully, the knee has sound when moving. Even some may suffer from symptoms of knee locking, this symptom is bend and unbend are limited when the knee joint start moving, accompanied with heavily pain,this is one of meniscus tear symptoms,besides there is “crack” sounds when bend and unbend the knee joint.