My diamond ring buying experience

We are prepare to get marriage at the end of next year, so it isn’t anxious to buy a diamond ring, because I have a strange fascination on engagement ring since the childhood, usually by the way, could have a look at the mall shopping diamond ring counters when shopping, refer to the jewelry web site when free time, so have a little understanding to the diamond gradually, through the network, find the same level in a department store and the size of the diamond prices higher than online so much, and counters the design also is the old and single, as well as network new style with flexible, thank you, let me find a diamond ring can also be customized, proud to recommend James Allen is also very awesome, as the saying goes, no comparison no damage, James Allen not only the quality of the diamond ring is great, the service is also perfect, the store is very educated breath, not a commercial flavor, I am also learned much of the knowledge of the diamond, the following topic and share with you.

diamonds ring

  • 4Cs is the main factor affecting the price of a diamond ring, 4Cs refers to the color, weight, cut and clarity. When asked about the price of diamond, therefore, to specify the color of the diamond, the weight, cut and clarity clearly, if you decide to choose and buy a diamond ring, if just ask how much money of a 1 carat diamond ring, the diamond knowledge is outside your territory.
  • Which is the most important in 4Cs? If from the perspective of the wearer, carat is the most important, in certain circumstances to consider diamond to the size of the cut, because cut the fine degree of decided to fire color of the diamond for GIA diamond, had better choose cut, polished and is named the Excellent diamond, then consider is the color of the diamond, because by contrast, the color of diamond is more intuitive, considers is diamond studs are finally, because the clarity is classified under ten times as much as a magnifying glass, SI and VS is no difference from the naked eye.
  • Diamond fluorescence is produced under ultraviolet light result in special effects, and fluorescence intensity is inversely proportional to the price of diamonds, under the same level, the stronger the fluorescence, the lower of the diamond price.
  • Where is the diamond come from? In fact, diamonds are not actually show the origin after cutting and polishing, so if the companies have said their diamond are of high quality diamond from South Africa, nine times out of ten is fishy.
  • There is a bunch of laser code on the waist edge of diamond from GIA, this is and certificate corresponding to the above, and so is the diamond GIA certificate id.