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Have you been thinking of trading in penny stocks to make profit? If yes, you should know that this type of trading can be financially rewarding and exciting at the same time once it’s done correctly. There is a system called the Penny Stock Prophet that will help you to decide if this can work for you. Read the following penny stock prophet review to know more about this trading system.

James Connelly created this trading system as a college student after he discovered the formula for choosing stocks. In this system, James is showing how you can earn seven figures from only thirty-eight trades with the stock picking strategy that he used to make successful trades. Once you are using this system to start your trading, you will do so alongside James. The system will focus on penny stocks or the micro-cap sector, rather than on the normal stock market. This is because it is possible to get greater gains with these small cap stocks.

Penny Stock Prophet Review – Does it Work

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The creator first shared the knowledge gained for penny stock trading with family and friends. This stock advice was used to earn money from trades. After that, a newsletter called the penny stock prophet was created where the algorithm information was provided as stock recommendations. These recommendations provide information about stocks, the best point to purchase stocks as well as the best time to sell. The system’s stock recommendations or advice has a track record for being accurate as many people have used the daily stock alerts to make money.

When you check the website, you will find a number of successful sell and buy trades that James helped members to achieve within 30 days. The gains range from 9 to 91% in profit with a 45% average on the trade returns with all made within a twenty-four to forty-eight hour window from start to finish. This means that you can expect quick returns instead of waiting for months to get an outcome on every trade.

Penny Stock Prophet Weekly Alert Newsletter Review Conclusion


When using this penny stock prophet system, you are getting help from a real person to pick the trades that can give you 20% returns on average per trade. This will make it possible for you to earn seven figures in only 38 trades if you start with one thousand dollars as the seed capital. James Connelly is also offering two free stock picks as well as proof for one month’s worth of penny stock trades that is made for clients to further backed up the support for this system. Even though no trade is 100% guaranteed, investing in this system will prove to be worthwhile for anyone who want to invest or trade in the micro-cap market and take part in the exciting penny stocks world, enjoy reading.

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