Peridot Gemstone

Peridot is the birtstone of August, and is the most important of upper mantle rock forming minerals, it belongs to a kind of mafic minerals, the main component is iron or magnesium silicate, contains the elements such as manganese, nickel, cobalt at the same time, the crystal is granular, and belongs to the nesosilicate mineral. Peridot metamorphism can form serpentine or magnesite, which can be used as refractory materials. Peridot is the national treasure of Egypt, and known as the gem of the sun, peridot was found in ancient Egypt territory about 3500 years ago. Because of its approximate color yellow and green like olive. The ancient Egyptians thought the beaming light green stone has the power of the sun, can help the wearer to eliminate the fear of the dark. In history, Cleopatra’s famous large green gemstone jewelry was peridot.

Peridot jewelry ring

The gemstone grade olivine is mainly divided into thick yellow-green olivine, golden green olivine, yellow-green olivine, and thick green olive stone. The thick green olive stone also known as dusk emerald or western emerald. High quality olive is green or yellow-green, clear and beautiful color and lustre is very pleasing, as a symbol of peace, happiness, peace and good intentions. Some ancient tribal war always to give each other between olivine which means peace. In some of the temple of Jerusalem has peridot inlaid with thousands of years ago.

The famous and good quality peridot origin is Brazil, Egypt st. John Island in the red sea, Mount Vesuvius of Italy, Germany and United States’ Arizona, New Mexico State. Peridot’s main chemical general formula is R2Sio4, and the color often shows olive green, so named peridot. The chemical formula of R mainly bivalent cation magnesium, iron, manganese. Between the class because they are same as replace, can form the Mg2Sio4 – Fe2Sio4 (forsterite – fayalite), Fe2Sio4 – Mn2SiO4 (fayalite – manganese olivine), Mn2SiO4 – Mg2Sio4 (manganese olivine – forsterite) etc. The world’s largest gem grade olivine is from the red sea – Judd Island, which is 319 carat, existing in the United States Smithsonian Institution museum of Washington.

Peridot gemstone

As the precious gemstone, when we wearing peridot accessories and maintenance, need to pay attention to the following points:

1, Do not place peridot in the acid for cleaning, because the acid corrosion olivine easily, in the solution of certain chemicals, can damage the surface of peridot.

2, Do not to heat it, suddenly burst will happen when it is heated, so the peridot gemstone even destroyed forever.

3, Put olivine in clean water when cleaning it, use brush dips in with soap water gently scrub. In addition, you can also use steam cleaning peridot. Olivine doesn’t fit into the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean.

4, use detergent, shower or bath, remember to pick accessories down, in order to avoid dampness moisture or contamination, because cracks and corner is easy to deposit smudgy, especially the complex work jewelry.

Must pay attention to the collection and maintenance of olivine, it would better be single packing, this is because the olivine put together, will collide with each other, it is easy to scratch.

Peridot earrings

Peridot is ground into powder, it can be used as a medicine to treat asthma, put it under the tongue, can relieve thirst caused by high temperature. Peridot helps relieve nervous tension, and can making a person relaxed and happy, also can make sleep safety, more harmonious with the outside world. Green energy helps to accumulate. To ward off bad luck when the amulet and evil, for the improvement of the liver disease.