Wedding anniversary gemstones

If your relatives or friend’s wedding anniversary is coming up, but you don’t know what kinds of gemstones should choose as a present, here is the wedding anniversary gemstones list for reference.

pearl earrings

1st anniversary: the freshwater pearls or gold

2nd anniversary: garnet

Third anniversary: pearl

Fourth anniversary: the topaz crystal

The fifth anniversary: sapphire

The sixth anniversary: the amethyst

The seventh anniversary: the black agate

The eighth anniversary: jade or tourmaline

Nineth anniversary:  lapis lazuli

The 10th anniversary : diamond jewelry

11 anniversary: turkey stone or obsidian

12 anniversary: jade

13 anniversary: topaz

14 anniversary: opal

The 15th anniversary: the ruby

16th anniversary: olivine

The 17th anniversary: malachite

The 18th anniversary: tiger eyes stone

The 19th anniversary: the aquamarine

The 20th anniversary: the emerald

green gemstone

The 25th anniversary: the pure silver

The 30th anniversary : the jade

The 35th anniversary : the coral

The 40th anniversary : the ruby

The 45th anniversary: the sapphire

The 50th anniversary: the gold

The 55th anniversary: chrysoberyl

The 60th anniversary: the diamond